My Story

My HRV Journey 

So how did I get here? Growing up in a Lebanese household, I was quickly thrust into a responsibility role when my younger siblings and I lost our dad to cancer when I was 7. Fast forward to my college years at RPI (aka: a big nerd school) and a stint at a nuclear power plant—two environments that put me knee-deep in the world of engineering with a high amount of “stressful” problem-solving pulsing through my body daily.

Then my grandma, who helped raise us with my mother, was also diagnosed with cancer. This second cancer diagnosis in the family hit me hard. I started diving deep into research on the root cause of illness and tragic diseases. Lightbulbs went off. My research led me down a rabbit hole of holistic modalities, from diet changes to natural remedies. This new passion led to me launching both an educational platform and a product centered on clean living: an  unsweetened sparkling tea company called Sound focused on organically sourced ingredients and a lifestyle devoted to holistic balance. 

Cracking the Code on HRV

Amidst the hustle of launching this new business, the biohacking movement had just begun. I became obsessed. I tried every modality, product, gadget, tip, tool, trick and device on the market. I walked around New York City with a vibrating strap to my ankle, people legit thought I was on house arrest. I started showering exclusively with baking soda, got rid of all my shoes and my feet became loyal to earth runners (crowd favorite during NYC winters on the subway). My eyes became best friends with blue-light blocker glasses. I crafted a “stack” of biohacking technologies to attain 20 minutes of NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) that became my afternoon reset—a favorite edition to my education platform that went viral amongst my community, which is a combo of binaural beats, PEMF, 7% clinical hydrogen inhalation, an infrared blanket and a grounding pillow. Red light therapy, blood-flow restriction, nootropic supplements, and the list goes on and on….


Maybe a little.

I used these technologies to function off 5 hours of sleep, optimize work productivity, and run 10 miles every other day. After nearly 2 years of pushing my body to the extreme, I had a wake-up call with a bad knee injury. Enter Bikram Yoga and stillness for the first time. 

Then, through a series of books I stumbled across, I was introduced to the concept of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) — which I knew was in my Oura ring, but I had never known what it meant. I started doing some digging and realized it is an actual way to measure one’s relationship to stress. Of all biomarkers we obsess over, this seemed to be a keystone indicator for IT ALL. So I have put my heartfelt attention, time, and energy into exploring ways I could improve my personal HRV for the last 6 years—and find best practices to offer everyone else along the way.

I Began To Feel AMAZING 

Calm, serene, happy… life became the best it had ever been. And even when there was a significant “negative” event, I was always able to bounce back quickly. 

My decade of experimentation with the modalities I was using traveled fast amongst my community—and I soon found myself coaching even the top wellness experts in LA who were doing “all the right things” but were still somehow struggling to get their nervous system and HRV rates into balance.

I began getting coaching offers from celebrities, billionaires, and other elite clientele to help build protocols for the thing I love most: educating and sharing my truths around nervous system regulation and HRV!